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Our Locations Worldwide

Hengsen's products are exported to all over the world in large quantities every year.We have our own long-term customers in many places, specializing in the sale of Hengsen products.

At the same time, we have the professional ability to provide OEM/ODM services.As long as the request, we will do 100% effort to achieve.

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From Our Employees

I was looking for a oppotunity to get something unforgetable. In hengsen,there is more to explore than what is in front of us.

Nan Ji

My career started with Hengsen and it's been going on.Here I found something to work for all my life.

Scott Qian

Stay hungry, stay foolish.We are always making progress, growing and learning from work and life.

Luna Ho

Work is also a part of study, and Hengsen provides us with a broad platform to give full play to our strengths.

Shaw He

You can learn by working in a team, or you can express your opinions freely. In Hengsen, talent is number one.

Susan Yang

At Hengsen, everything we do, wherever we are in the world - as a company, as individuals, as a team - is guided by our values. They govern every aspect of our working day and our interactions with all of Hengsen's stakeholders.


  • Independent research and development capability

    Based on the production concepts of innovation, energy saving and intelligence. Hengsen has established a strong r&d team and established cooperative relations with many domestic universities. Till now, we have obtained 71 national patents, including 3 invention patents.

  • Национальная лаборатория

    26 января 2018 года лаборатория Zhejiang Hengsen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. успешно получила национальный сертификат аккредитации лаборатории (номер сертификата: CNAS L10701) после прохождения проверки на месте и последующего исправления лаборатории THE CNAS и стала одной из лабораторий. национальных аккредитационных лабораторий.

  • Chinese high-tech enterprises

    Hengsen insists on cooperating with experts at home and abroad to constantly develop new products and improve production technology and spend 15% of annual revenue on product development.

Откройте для себя возможности трудоустройства

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